A global ocean atlas of eukaryotic genes

Single-celled microeukaryotes and small multicellular zooplankton account for most of the planktonic biomass in the world’s ocean. Seawater samples were collected from the global ocean during the Tara Oceans expedition to generate a global ocean reference catalog of genes from planktonic eukaryotes sampled RNA and to explore the expression patterns of community at different microscopic scales with respect to biogeography and environmental conditions.

OBITools: processing DNA metabarcoding data

The OBITools software is a set of tools specifically designed for processing Next Generation Sequencing data in a DNA metabarcoding context, taking into account taxonomic information.


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Landscape genomics

Environmental conservation issues have urged a need to better understand and describe species and populations on Earth. Recently, progress in sequencing technologies made it possible to refine this understanding through genomics. Understanding and describing populations of living organisms in a given environment by exploiting sequencing data is the ultimate goal of landscape genomics. So this article is an introduction of this field.


One of the most promising genetic techniques for improving biodiversity assessments is the metabarcoding of environmental DNA (eDNA). I did a state of the Art of available methods and developed serveral workflows to process and manage metabarcoding data from the Monaco Marine Scientific Exploration.

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