OBITools: processing DNA metabarcoding data

All the information needed to process metabarcoding data using OBITools software.

A global ocean atlas of eukaryotic genes

Description of a metatranscriptomics approach to capture expressed genes in open ocean Tara Oceans stations.

Global determinants of fish genetic diversity

Data mining on up to 70,000 georeferenced mitochondrial DNA barcode sequences for fish species unveils the correlation between genetic diversity and species diversity and their global distributions in relation to climate and geography.


My experience at CIRAD about bioimaging, biochemical and molecular analyses to determine the link between DNA sequences and specific phenotypes.

Team working with git

A quick reference for basic Git commands to help students learn Git.

Landscape genomics

An emerging research field that studies how genetic diversity distributes across space and how environmental features can modify this structure through local adaptation.

Disk management on linux

Commands such as checking, adding or removing storage devices, creating and deleting partitions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating R packages

How to create an R package with Rstudio and devtools.


Thorough explanation of a next-generation sequencing method applied on environmental DNA.

Linux System Administration Basics

Here a collection of basic but useful commands to admin a linux system.

Virtual environments, containers and scientific reproducibility

How to use Docker or Singularity to build containers in order to ease workflows dissemination.

SGE user commands

Understand SGE and queueing system. Submit batch jobs to SGE cluster.

A little introduction to BASH (Born Again Shell)

A quick introduction to the very basics starting from the UNIX operating system.