I was interested in computer science applied to life sciences. Under the supervision of Dr. Yassine GHOUZAM and Dr. Jean-Christophe GELLY, my initiation focused on the modeling of the structures of living molecules such as proteins and their applications in medical research but also in the pharmaceutical industry.

I then became interested in algorithms and methods for processing high-throughput DNA sequencing data. I worked for medical research under the direction of Dr. Anne PHILIPPI and Dr. Cecile JULIER to sharpen my skills in this field.

In 2017, I integrate CNRS as a computational biologist. During 5 years, under the direction of Dr. Stephanie MANEL, I collaborated in many European projects such as AKER, SEACONNECT, RESERVEBENEFIT or MEGAFAUNA.

Today I work for the Florimond Desprez group, a ​seed breeding company determined to discover new varieties fitted to climate changes.

I bring to the "Research & Innovation" department my programming skills for numerous scientific projects in collaboration with breeders and international research partners.

My main computational languages are Bash, Python and R. However I also realise projects using C, C++, Rust or Julia. See my Curriculum Vitae for more details.