Making a good resume

This is a lesson series about how to get a research position in industry by making a great resume.

The resume is the first thing the recruiter will read about you. I revised my resume multiple times already and continue to sharpen it. Here I describe the structure and overall basics tips to make a competitive resume.

Structure and Basics

1. Education section

2. Experience section

How to write good bullets

  • Tell a story in your bullet (Begin, Middle, End)
  • What was the problem/opportunity?
    • Begin bullet with the following words: analysed discovered investigated tackled initiated founded defined advised
  • How did you fix it?
    • Middle bullet: secured cultivated built designed unified revamped launched engineered
  • What did you do that went above and beyond?
  • What was the impact and results?
    • End bullet: awarded earned reached succeed demonstrated completed boosted generated improved

DON'T EXPLAIN WHAT THE COMPANY/LAB DOES ! Instead, focus on your impact and results. Whenever possible, use numbers to highlight the impact of your work.

How do I show impact ?

  • As much as possible should have a number behind it
  • This shows scale of your projects.
    • How many team members?
    • How many did this increase revenue?
    • How many partners/customers?
    • How many articles did you write?
    • How many students did you teach?
    • How much did the company or labs grow because of your work?

3. Skills section

4. Miscellaneous section