Please, call me PIERRE. Thanks for visiting my website.

I am a computational biologist engineer at Center of Functional Ecology and Evolution, CNRS, Montpellier. I am mainly focusing on second and third Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis for the european project RESERVEBENEFIT. I am also strongly involved in environmental DNA studies such as MONACO MARINE WORLDWIDE EXPEDITION. My expertise is related to programming, whole-genome assembly, 3D protein modelling, variant calling, parsing large public database and stastiscal analysis. I am interested in working on next-generation approaches and solving complex problems using combination of state-of-the-art algorithms.


My main computational languages are Bash, Python and R. However I also realised several projects using C, C++, Perl or Julia.


Sublime Text, Pycharm, Rstudio, Visual Studio to create computer softwares. SLURM or Univa Grid Engine to submit job on the cluster.


To ease scientific reproduction, I take advange of Git, Singularity, Docker, Conda, Jupyter notebook, SnakeMake or Nextflow.